Created for family and close friends, the first Down River Music Festival was intended to be a one time celebration of music. The first year it was held in the backyard of two of it's founders, Gilles & Antoinette Breau. Word of the festival spreading quickly, and that first year turned out to be more than a few friends and family. With support and push for another year of great music, it has since become an annual event. The founders realized that a backyard, although large, was not the best site for a large crowd of people or for camping. For the years that followed, the festival founds its home in an open farmers field on the edge of the Neguac village border.

Knowing that the festival was growing year after year, a new home had to be found. In 2012 the 6th Annual festival opened at a new site, The Neguac Festival Park. Established by the founders son and husband, Joshua Breau & Jamie Alexander, this park opened to be dedicated to the festival and for use by the members of the community of Neguac and the greater Miramichi area.

This summer we are celebrating our 13th ANNUAL DOWN RIVER MUSIC FESTIVAL, and our committee, Theresa McLaughlin and Gilles & Antoinette Breau welcome you to join us for a music and fun-filled weekend. This year we are making it a show stopping event, featuring some new and upcoming bands, some familiar faces and some international recording artists. Hope to see you there!